Q: Are they legal for IFR?
A: YES, they meet (and exceed) the FAA's IFR requirements.

Q: How are they updated?
A: Just like NOTAMS . . . Air Chart Systems updates via an update NOTAM on FAA's 28-day cycle.

Q: Do I have to update each time?
A: NO . . . That's the beauty. Update only when you fly using the current cumulative update. The new one includes all changes from prior updates. And now with our exclusive online Trip Planner, you can find just the updates for any route with just a few mouse clicks!

Q: How often are updates issued?
A: Every 28 days (4 weeks) on the FAA change cycle dates.

Q: How far ahead do the updates cover?
A: You'll have changes up to 7 weeks ahead for long trips!

Q: How long is the subscription?
A: Our cycle is May to May. Upon renewal, you get pro-rata credit for months missed in your start year.

Q: Can I subscribe for over 12 months?
A: YES . . . Your first year you can subscribe up to 23 months. This gives you guaranteed price protection through the next May cycle.

Q: Can I cancel and get my money back?
A: YES . . . after trying our service for up to 60 days, no questions asked.

Q: Can I buy just the Update System?
A: YES . . . It will update any chart to IFR specs and will update key data on Sectionals and WACs. It will also tell the errors in your GPS database and give you the corrections.

Q: You mean I will NEVER again need to make constant changes like with Jeppesen charts?
A: That's right! You update only when you fly and only that route! Let it sit for 6 months then take only 5 minutes to check the route!

Air Chart Systems is the leader in easy to use and most cost effective air chart subscription services for pilots. Air Chart Systems is aviation's first spiral bound chart, map and atlas system and features our fast Minute Man Update Service. Air Chart Systems is affordable for any pilot, saving more than 50% over Jeppesen or FAA-AERO NAV SERVICES. Air Chart Systems features an IFR Atlas, VFR Atlas, VFR Sectional Atlas, Aviation Topographic Atlas, and Captains Guide.