What Others Say About Air Chart Systems

Aviation Consumer Magazine - Gear of the year.

"Air Chart is the top value, Air Chart offers the best combination of good-value pricing, timely information and painless revisions."
    - The Aviation Consumer, May 2001 []

"I am an air traffic controller (now at Washington DC National, before that, Roanoke). I have been an Air Chart user for five years for my personal flying. Your Enroute Atlas is a dream come true!! Now I KNOW I always have a chart for anyplace I might want to go."
    - David E. Robertson, ATC

I continue to believe that yours is the best and simplest of IFR systems. Also, the Enroute Atlas‚ convenience and auxiliary information are terrific!"
    - Cliff Cowen, Chief Pilot, Flivver Aviation, Brighton, CO

"I am an 8000 hr. ATP pilot flying for a major airline on a B727, but also fly a lot of IFR X-C personally all over the U.S. ... We really like your service, keep up the good work!"
    - Kevan Corder

"My own personal full-color map display, at a foot square, is bigger than just about any laptop or notebook computer, covers the entire US and part of Canada with flawless detail and resolutions, weighs only about two pounds, is less than an inch thick and runs forever without a battery change: Howie Keefe's terrific new Aviation Topographic Atlas from Air Chart Systems. It costs all of $99 if you buy it alone - or a lot less if you get it in conjunction with Air Charts' other VFR and IFR map products.) Two things are for sure: I'm looking forward to flying with the newest and niftiest GPS I can afford ... but I'm not about to throw out those paper charts, or deprive myself of either the situational awareness, or the enjoyment, that comes from looking out the window!"
    - Peter Lert in Air Progress, June 1997 []

"The Air Chart atlases and update service are remarkably well done"
    - Mike Busch, AvWeb, "The World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource" []

"I use Air Chart Systems. I receive a cycle update every 28 days listing all the information that's changed since the last cycle. The list is cumulative; all changes since the first cycle of the year are on the list. I update my database at the beginning of the update cycle, such that my database is dated later than the date of the chart system's first update cycle. Now I know all changed data on the update cards apply to my database."
    - Avionics-Archive []

"I never have to worry about having the right IFR chart when the controller says "change to your routing, advise ready to copy" and they start calling out intersections you never heard of…I keep the new set in the plane and the old set comes home if I have to do some flight planning on a long trip that I haven't done before."
    - Forums []

Air Chart Systems is aviation's easiest and most cost effective air chart subscription service for pilots including our Minute Man Update Service. Air Chart Systems is aviation's only spiral bound chart, map and atlas system. Air Chart Systems is affordable for any pilot, saving more than 50% over Jeppesen or FAA-AERO NAV SERVICES. Air Chart Systems features an IFR Atlas, VFR Atlas, VFR Sectional Atlas, Aviation Topographic Atlas, and Captains Guide.