Air Chart Systems is easier to use, easier to stay current and legal, and less expensive than other systems. That's why so many pilots have made the switch to Air Chart Systems.

Why Air Chart Systems Is Better!

  • Spiral Bound
  • Conveniently Sized
  • Chart Atlases For both IFR and VFR
  • Aviation's Only 4-color Topographic Atlas
  • Minute Man Update System Eliminates the need for constant updating
  • You Always Have Current, Legal charts
  • Save a Bundle Over Other Systems

How It Works

The Air Chart System offers the only charting system that combines both IFR and VFR charts under one common update. With our exclusive Minuteman Update, you always have current and legal charts for the whole country at any point during our annual cycle. The annual cycle runs from May to May. For pricing purposes, subscribers who start at any time after May would receive a pro-rata credit for the months missed TOWARDS THEIR RENEWAL. For example, a subscriber starting in August would receive a 25% credit TOWARDS THEIR RENEWAL PRICE for the three months missed at the beginning of the cycle.

Subscribers receive one set of Atlases and/or Approach Plates per annual cycle. The underlying charts are kept updated and legal with Air Chart System's Minuteman Update service. On the FAA's 56-day Major Airspace Change cycle (the "8-week" cycle), you receive a cumulative NOTAM listing of any changes to the underlying charts. When you receive the new 8-week Update, simply toss out the old Update and place the new one in the pocket provided in the back of each Atlas. Because the 8-week cycle Updates are cumulative, you only need to refer to the current Update for any revisions that have occurred since the beginning of our annual cycle. In addition to the the 8-week Update, you also receive a postcard every other 28 days (the "4-week" cycle) with any minor revisions. Those items are then included in the next cumulative 8-week Update.

The Enroute Update (for the IFR, VFR Sectional, Topographic Atlases, and/or the Captain's Guide) includes a map with all major changes to the underlying charts plotted right on the map. All you need to do is check your route of flight against the map to see if there are any changes along the route and make the changes on your charts. The full text of the major-change NOTAMs, along with any other changes to airports (frequencies, IDENTs, lighting, etc.), NAVAIDS, airways, fixes, and restricted areas, are then listed on the back of the Update. There is also a Summary of Major Changes to help you identify significant NOTAMs. You only update when you fly, and you don't need to worry about updating areas you won't be flying. Merely having the Enroute Update on-board with your Atlases keeps the enroute charts current and legal.

The Approach Update keeps your approach plates current and legal and is also issued on both the 8-week and 4-week cycles. Because the 8-week Approach Update is also cumulative, you only have to update when you are getting ready to fly. Approach NOTAMs are listed alphabetically by state and then city name. If there is no entry for a particular approach you will be flying, then the underlying plate is still current. If there has been a change, the full text of the NOTAM is listed - you simply make the change on the plate, or, you can download a current approach plate from our website at any time during our cycle. With Air Chart Systems, you can forget about spending all those hours filing revised plates for approaches you will never fly.

While the Minuteman Updates are included with all packages, they can also be purchased separately and can be used to update any enroute charts or approach plates as long as those underlying charts are current as of the beginning of our annual update cycle.

Air Chart Systems is aviation's easiest and most cost effective air chart subscription service for pilots including our Minute Man Update Service. Air Chart Systems is aviation's first spiral bound chart, map and atlas system. Air Chart Systems is affordable for any pilot, saving more than 50% over Jeppesen or FAA-AERO NAV SERVICES. Air Chart Systems features an IFR Atlas, VFR Atlas, VFR Sectional Atlas, Aviation Topographic Atlas, and Captains Guide.